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GIS and Mapping Services

MappointAsia (Thailand) Public Company Limited has the expertise to compile maps to meet your requirements. In the past we have supplied maps Google Map, OEM car navigation systems, TomTom and other major mapping companies. We have full turn-by-turn maps of Thailand. We can supply navigation map for ASEAN countries. We can help you to turn your location data into spatial information to be displayed on Google map or use our turn-by-turn map to solve your logistics problems.

Map-based Customized Applications

Map-based application is one of our specialties. With introduction of Google map more and more companies are finding that map can add value and strategic advantages to their in-house systems. Let us show you how you can use map to your advantage. MappointAsia (Thailand) Public Company Limited is Google Earth and Map and Enterprise solution partner for Thailand. Let us show you how you can use the best map visualization tools for your business.

Automated Data Collection

Data Collection is the most costly part of any GIS project. MappointAsia (Thailand) Public Company Limited now teams up with LiDARUSA to bring your cost down to earth. With LIDARUSA technology, we offer a data collection that no one can match. See this exciting technology at  www.LIDARUSA.com and then call us to see how you can save on your project data collection costs. Currently MappointAsia operates 5 mobile mapping systems throughout Thailand.

Road, Railways, River and Canal Field Data Collection Service

Field data collection for railways and along canal and river banks require a specialized and portable equipment. We offer a 1 day turnaround service in collection images that can be processed and allows measurement to be made directly from the images. These images can be used locally or hosted on Internet and shared among users in an enterprise. Using technology from Imajing we offer this service for a cost effective solution that will make your GIS data collection much more update and accurate than the traditional field collection methods. For more 

information on field data collection capability by Imajing click here.

For more information please contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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