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MappointAsia (Thailand) Company Limited is a Thai company that has been in business for over 25 years in map and mapping services industry. From early days of selling map making hardware and GIS software, we have evolved our business directions in the past 5 years to be more data and services oriented. Today our main business is in fleet management, vehicle tracking, highres navigable map data, indoor 3D metric and visual data and satellite imagery services based on high cadence satellite images.

Our vision is to be the catalyst and a change agent in today's business world by using the latest technology available in our industry. And our mission is to provide the highest price performance ratio data and services for our clients.


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Throughout the years we have achieved many milestones in the industry in Thailand.

1994  MappointAsia (Thailand) Public Company Limited started Thailand on the road to digital mapping era by implementing new digital photogrammetry and map making software for The Royal Thai Survey Department

1997  Implemented an emergency call taking and dispatching software complete with map and patrol car tracking for Bangkok 191 police center.  First Bangkok digital map was made from aerial photographs.

1999 First desktop mapping software, SmartMap, developed for the Thai market

2000 Developed mobile phone tracking system based on GSM signal timing advance with AIS

2003 First available PDA navigation software, SmartNAV

2003 First to install and operate high resolution satellite ground station, IKONOS.

2004 First locally developed and commercially available Fleet Management solution and vehicle tracking

2004 First to compile a large scale map of the whole of Thailand based on high resolution satellite images from IKONOS

2005 Google started using MappointAsia (Thailand) Public Company Limited developed map

2008 Install digital aerial camera for The Royal Thai Survey Department

2014 Won 2nd place in Copernicus Masters competion for space technology ideas

2015 Formed a JV with iPC corporation to develop high definition map of ASEAN countries for next generation of ADAS data

2016 First to introduce indoor 3D mapping with navigation capability

As the mapping industry changes and the rate of change of technology becomes faster, we continue to evolve our product lines to meet this changing environment.   At MappointAsia (Thailand) Public Company Limited we believe that new technology in the GIS industry now offers opportunity for users to lower their data costs and be more productive.  GIS in this decade will be more image based with shorter data life cycle.  To help our customers move this direction and realize this vision, we have partnered with several of the new and exciting technology companies. Today we are in a partnership with some of the best known technology company in the world.

For more information on these companies we invite you to visit our Partners’ page.  One thing that you can count on us doing: We will be a technology leader in our industry and we will give our best effort to service our customers.