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Alliance and Partners


0 M2Masia Logo

M2MAsia is a company that specializes in hardware and firmware development for the M2M (Machine-to-Machine) market. The chief technologist Mr. Charles Symons works closely with MappointAsia (Thailand) Public Company Limited to develop new products for the M2M market, which is expected to grow substantially. www.m2masia.co.th


0 AIS logo

AIS are the mobile phone network operator in the frequency 900 MHz Digital GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication). Ais also own the subsidiary “Digital Phone Co., Ltd.” (DPC) providing mobile phone network frequency 1800 MHz Digital GSM 1800. Additionally, we have subsidiaries providing other telecommunication business: import and distribute mobile phone devices, data communication services via mobile cable, payment for products and services via mobile phone, cash card, contact center, and international call services.


0 SE Asia logo

Mapping Data Partners in SE Asia Making maps is strictly a local business.  You cannot make maps unless you are in the country.  For this reason, we have formed partnerships with several navigation data providers to develop a high specification and high quality navigation map for ASEAN countries.  We have partners in Malaysia and Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.  If your needs include data, please contact us for details.



Hexagon GeospatialHexagon
Geospatial provides GIS software for the professionals. From map creation to geospatial portals to image analysis, Hexagon Spatial offers the most complete GIS software available in the market today. Whether it ERDAS for satellite and aerial imagery processing or utility mapping, Hexagon is the industry standard software.​ Click here to see Hexagon Spatial software in action.​ Call us if your project include images


  0 Google Map Platform

Google Map Platform
Google map got its start in Thailand map with data from MappointAsia. It has grown to be the most used map data on the Internet. Google map has helped to create new business opportunities and enhance both Internet businesses and traditional businesses. See how Google Map Platform can help you reach more customers, Click here and contact us to get started. Click here to try for free.



From self driving cars to digital terrain compilation, LiDAR is becoming the way to collect data around us. Our partner LidAR USA is a small innovative company that develops drone and mobile mapping system platforms based on LiDAR technology. Click to here live example of data collected by LiDAR usa system. If you are an engineering company or an organization that need to collect point cloud data, contact us.


0 Skyline

Skyline Soft
2D map has been in use since map was invented by the Greeks in the 6th century. It is still the used representation of the world around us and will likely continue to be the foundation of maps. But in the same way that we now have street views, point clouds and satellite views, 3D mapping brings to us additional information that was not available before. With 3D map view the users are able to see the scene as they were hovering about the point of interest and can view the POI at an aerial angle from all sides. This gives them information that is not available in the traditional 2D orthogonal view. Information such as number of floors of the building, facade and measurable structure height and more accurate angular roof areas are now available. Not to mention realistic flythrough simulations. But how do you make these maps and how do you host them. Click here to see some live examples. 3D mapping starts with flying a plane to capture aerial images using cameras designed specifically for this purpose. We have a camera that can save you 50% of data collection cost. Call us to discuss how 3D mapping can help your agency.


       0 INTERMAP

Intermap is the world’s leading terrain data provider using radar. Since 1996 it has been delivering accurate terrain data and innovating new technology to make it more accurate. Click here.   NextMAP is the Intermap’s technology product for terrain data that is available today for Thailand and the world. But having terrain only will not necessarily answer your needs. We can help answer your agency needs with Intermap’s GLOBAL ANALYTICS. For example we can help to provide some answers to the Thailand’s flood prediction in the era of climate change by generating scenarios of 10 year, 30 years, 50 years or 100 years flood occurrences. Click here to see InterMap Solutions on Demand. Call us if your project requires accurate digital elevation data and analysis.


 0 vanillaNAV

Indoor is the new outdoor. As mega malls are being built more people spend more time in them. Problem is there is no good and cheap navigation engine like the good old GPS for outdoor. Beacons are expensive and known for its inaccuracies and position jumping and fluctuation. VanillaNAV offers the most accurate indoor navigation available today and cheapest. If you are developing a payment gateway or your are a mall operator or conference organizers, you need to talk to us. Conference visitors can navigate the hall easily. Mall visitors will find their ways to your shop customers easily with VanillaNAV. Our VanillaNAV solution can be embedded into your payment gateway system. Click here to see VanillaNav in Tokyo subway station. Contact us if indoor navigation is in your project.


      0 NavVis

From collecting indoor laser point clouds and high definition panoramas with its innovative cart to online publishing, NavVis has the best integrated system available today. Mercedes and BMW have chosen NavVis to be their next generation factory management technology. The applications for NavVis range from BIMS (Building Information Management System) to online shopping experience. Building cost represent only 30% of the total cost to run a facility during its life time. BIMS needs to be included into the construction and operation of a large facility. Click here to see how Navvis works.   Click here for live 3D Navvis data of Munich airport. Contact us if your project include large structure (malls, buildings, convention halls, etc.) construction or management or you want your customers to have the immersive experience of being in a structure.


0 Pythagoras

Point Cloud is becoming the way to collect and terrestrial data for engineering and GIS. Pythagoras is the next generation point cloud and GIS tool that you need. To do modeling the point cloud data needs to be turned into vectors. Pythagoras can help you generate 3D models or 2D floor plans from the point clouds you have collected. Click here to see how Pythogoras works and contact us if terrestrial point cloud is in your project or you need a fast way to mange point clouds for engineering projects.