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Indoor is overtaking Outdoor as people's favorite place to spend leisure time in Thailand. As more malls and large buildings are being built all over the country we find ourselves spending more time in these structures. Visiting malls has become a favorite pastime activity for most teenagers especially on weekends. And when the weather turn inclement or when summer rolls around, even more people move indoor. Shopping in these malls has become serious activities for mall visitors and major opportunities for shops. Shop owners need a way for customers to easily find their ways to their destinations in a mall. While GPS can help guide drivers to their destinations outdoor. There is no GPS signal indoor and no way to easily find your way around. Most people get lost and settle for whatever shops they can find, not what they want to find. This leads to loss of opportunities for many shop owners who are not in prominent mall locations. What's needed is an indoor navigation app that can take away the frustration from not being to find the shops or attractions you intend to visit. 

MappointAsia, in conjunction with VanillaNav, now introduces a new indoor navigation technology. Based on a few QR codes position on the wall or floor of a structure we can help guide visitors to their destination just like using GPS outdoor. The same technology can be used for conferences, exhibitions, large hotels, public halls, train stations and more.  Watch the video of this technology in action here then call or email us and to see how we can help you keep your visitors happy. 


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