MappointAsia has been in the commercial space imagery business since the start of the industry in 2000.  We operated the local ground station for IKONOS from the year 2003 until Space Imaging was taken over by GeoEye.  We are proud to be the 2014 second place winner chosen from 170 submissions for Copernicus Masters Competition for innovative solutions with the entry entitled, Using the new high resolution satellite images with high frequent revisit time to curb illegal oil import by sea. Please click here to see the presentation. (PDF attached 8 MB.)

"A disruptive innovationis an innovation that helps create a newis an market and innovation value network, and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market and value network, displacing an earlier technology." -Clayton M. Christensen


MappointAsia is a partner with Planet for SE Asia with focus on Thailand.

Changing The Remote Sensing Industry

Planet's technology is proving to be a disruptive innovation to the earth observation industry. Requests by users and tasking are no longer necessary, replaced by immediate access to satellite images from anywhere there is Internet. Planet's satellites capture images of the earth surface automatically everyday. By processing 7TB of images captured daily from space, it is able to bring images to the end users in less than 24 hours. Planet's imagery platform and the power of the cloud computing allows the end users to perform image analytic without having to download them. Planet's innovative and advanced API also allows the images to be used in the customer's application directly.

Currently the Planet platform host Planet scope images, Landsat 8 and RapidEye. More satellites are on the way. Planet servers can also be deployed for local images on top of Planet's services via direct feed program. As of October 2016 Planet operates 55 satellites in 2 constellations of 52 Planet Scopes and 5 RapidEye's. It has delivered 48 more to be launched in November 2016. And by first quarter of 2017, Planet will be able cover all of Thailand every other day. The full constellation of satellites operate like a line scanner that can scan the complete earth everyday. Daily images are expected within 2017. Depending on seasonal cloud conditions, actual images on the platform will vary. Our experience however has shown that even under cloudy conditions, cloud free mosaic of a particular area or region can be achieved within 15-30 days. 

In 2015 Planet was able to generate a full mosaic of Thailand with images all captured within one year. This has never been done before. If you are interested in this mosaic, please contact us. With the current constellation Planet can achieve quarterly mosaic. Monthly mosaic will be achievable by the end of 2017.

Combining the collection capacity with cloud based storage, delivery and on-line analysis functions it is the solution of the future and will enable authorities everywhere to monitor their country's natural resources more effectively. With this level of temporal frequency we can change our environment policy and activities from repair only to a more effective activity. We can be in a pro-active mode to management or natural resources and to prevent destruction of our forests before they can occur. Government authorities will have the needed data and tools to combat Illegal logging and land encroachment by spotting these a. MappointAsia is proud to be a part of this new generation of satellites for mankind.

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Super High Resolution Images From Space With Multiple Visits Per Day

The satellite building industry has long benefitted from major advances in the computer industry and miniaturization of electronic components.  With the start recently of many private companies vying for the space business ( and space competition for a reuseable delivery vehicle, the commercial space imagery business is no longer a domain of only large defense industry companies.  

MappointAsia (Thailand) Public Company Limited is planning to work with 5CSI and Mach25 Corporation and its remote operation center partners in middle east and europe to bring VHRS sub meter class capability to Thailand to better serve the region. The first of these satellites will be launched in 2017 with a planned constellation of 6 satellites.  Mach 25 plans an innovative program of co-ownership of the space segments with ground station partners to maximize the capacity of the satellites together with a business cooperation between the ground station operators.

MappointAsia (Thailand) Public Company Limited. is an official representative of 5CSI and Mach 25 Imaging for Thailand and SE Asia.  For more information on Mach 25's new generation of satellite with 35 cm GSD please contact us.

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